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Creating Memories Together:
A dive into Jamii past programming

We have been committed to The Esplanade community for 10 years now, offering free artistic experiences to everyone, with the hope to enhance social cohesion in our neighbourhood. A connected community is a stronger, healthier, more resilient and more vibrant community. By creating opportunities to "do something together" (attend a show, help us run an event, participate into workshops...) we hope to create lifelong shared memories that connect us all. 

Here is a snapshot of the last few years of Jamii's magic in The Esplanade community and beyond. 



“Water is Memory” was the theme of 2022. While we explored what this theme meant to us, to the artists we collaborated with and community members who participated in programming, memories, like bubbles of water, popped through the months and floated down the river of new connections.

In 2022, we produced 60 live performances inthe park, attended by over 4700 Esplanadians. We organized 4 photo exhibitions viewed by 4,000+ people. We held 84 LAINI workshops participated by 69 girls and young women of The Esplanade. We worked with 118 artists. We organized 203 workshops attended by 194 participants with over 500 participations.



Reflecting on 2019 is inspiring: it has been a beautiful year for Jamii; one of growth, enriching partnerships, exciting projects in our community, and throughout the Province. A year during which one of our dreams came true: the creation of a mobile theatre for our community, the Kisanii Hub. Last but not least, in 2019, Jamii refined its goal of both building community through multiple artistic initiatives, and nurturing young women in leadership.

2021 Jamii Season Review.jpg


Our 2021 theme was “Looks Like Us” and was an invitation to explore one of the foundational values of the Esplanade neighbourhood: the concept of “mix”. We wanted to ask if, white we celebrate each other’s cultural heritage, we also celebrate intercultural mixing, and if so, how?

Jamii produced 3 photo exhibits, to the delight of 4000 viewers; Directed 13 short films which accumulated over 16,000 views; Organized 13 online events, with approx. 18,000 views.

We produced 39 live events with over 2700 audience members;

And, organized 95 workshops, which welcomed over 270 participants. Last but not least, through 2021, Jamii worked with over 120 artists! 

2020 - Year in review.jpg


At Jamii, we define our success by the legacy of qualitative memories we ignite for all “Esplanadians” - people of all ages who have taken part in the Jamii’s journey. By creating shared memories, we are creating stronger connections and bonds between people. In doing so, we create a sense of belonging, ownership and identity for the people engaged in the work we do in the community. This circles back to our mandate of enhancing social cohesion through the arts.

In 2020, we worked with 91 artists;
We organized 101 workshops;
We hosted 166 workshop participants;
We counted 2300 audience members;
We produced 34 public events,
And all of this, during a pandemic.

Jamii past events



Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration

A moment to listen and reflect
June 21

Wayo - Festival

4rd Annual Children's Festival 
August 9-13 2023

Canada Multiculturalism Day

Celebrating Cultures
June 27

Cheering Section

Toronto Waterfront Marathon
3rd Saturday - October

Celebrating Community

A musical ride through the
St Lawrence neighbourhood

July 1
8 Jamii Grease Movie Night by LD (77).jpg

Outdoor Movie Nights

In David Crombie Park
2011 - present



"La bulle" by CORPUS

700 people attended "La bulle", co-presented with Tft
August 31 - Sept 5 2021


One-on-one performances
David Crombie Park

June 4-6 2021
Photo by Jasmin Linton. 2.JPG


A whimsical puppet parade by Clay  and Paper Theatre
February 2021
K hub 3.jpg


Mobile performance in the streets of the Esplanade
March 18-20 2021

Red Rhythm & Blues

Live-streamed from David Crombie Park
March 29 2021
Honouring Indigenous knowledge 
July 2021

"Allegra" at Market Lane Public School

Street performances
March 30 to April 8 2021
Kisanii Hub - HISIA.jpg

HISIA - Kisanii Hub mobile performance

Watch performance HERE
October 3 2020

Lua Shayenne Dance 

West African dance performances
August 4 & 5 2020


Multidisciplinary performances
In Wawa and Wolfe Island
September 2020
Kisanii Hub - WIND STORIES performance.j

WIND Stories

Craft, exhibit and live arts  in the park.
June & July 2020
Kisanii Hub - HISIA.jpg


Multidisciplinary performances
David Crombie Park
August 21 2020
Kisanii with Arlene 1.jpg

Itinerant performances

Featuring local talented Toronto-based artists

I am me. I am heart.

A sensory experience inspired by our documentary “At Heart”.
October 2019

I am me. I am home.

Exploring the meaning of "home" through arts.
August 2019
Dragqueen Storytime - poster.jpg

Drag Queen Story Time

A fabulous event for children of all ages!
July 2019
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