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2022  in Review

“Water is Memory” was the theme of 2022. While we explored what this theme meant to us, to the artists we collaborated with and to community members who participated in programming, memories, like bubbles of water, popped through the months and floated down the river of new connections.

In 2022,

We worked with 118 artists.

We organized 4 photo exhibitions viewed by 4,000+ people.

We produced 60 live performances in the park, attended by over 4700 Esplanadians.

We held 84 LAINI workshops participated by 69 girls and young women of The Esplanade.

We organized 203 workshops attended by 194 participants with over 500 participants.


The Journey to LuminUs

Giant luminous animals and life-sized human lantern puppets in David Crombie Park!
November 18 & November 19



Vibrations from Japan to Canada in the context of contemporary dance
July 28 to July 30

Sagatay Kwandibens by Ej Kwandibens.JPG

National Indigenous Peoples Day

Celebrating Indigenous art, and stories of cultural resurgence
June 21

Bickford- CJ & all - by John Lauener (Bickford Park - Aug 2020).jpg


Movement meditation for our times to reflect on the "self" inside the "whole"
May 13 & May 14



Eleven-piece collective made up of immigrant musicians from all over the world!
October 27 & October 28

NBhattacharya 1-photo by Dahlia Katz.jpg

Discover Dance

Diverse dance forms woven into Toronto’s vibrant cultural scene
July 15 & July 16

Jamii Esplanade Toronto - Two x 30 - Michael Caldwell - Roberto Soria - Pulga Muchochoma -


To pause, listen, and reflect on our connections with one another
June 9 to June 11

4) Drums by Njacko Backo (Photo by Rodrigo Castro).jpeg

As Part of ON Culture Days

"What We Remember"
The only Ontario Culture Days' festival hub in Toronto!
September 23 to September 25

FORTY-ONE All Embracing Celebration by Laura Dittmann.jpeg

Celebrating Cultures

The rhythm and sounds of music and dance from various parts of the world
June 27

Jamii - Corpus - Toronto - Divine Interventions.jpeg

Divine Interventions

An outdoor processional performance with powerhouse female performers
May 24 to May 28

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