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Aug and Oct 2020


HISIA is the Swahili word for inner feelings, emotions and thoughts.

August 21st, 2020 - David Crombie Park (corner of Esplanade and Princess)

Pop-up performance featuring four amazing artists:

Heidi Chan (flute, drum)

Jonelle Sills (modern opera singer)

Raha Javanfar(violinist)

Eman Hillawi Eman Aerial & Pole (lollilop lyra artist)

We have invited these artists to connect with one another through a structured improvisation exploring their individual whirlwind of emotions since pandemic hit us mid-March. We all lived through the same major event, but all had a different journey. HISIA is a window into our unique ways to deal with the same situation. We hope you will come “look through the window” with us – as usual, at a safe physical distance from one another.

October 3rd, 2020

On October 3rd 2020, we danced, filmed, wrote down and sang these emotions to share with you in the hope that you may relate and connect to some of them.

The pandemic is an individual journey in a shared landscape. We hope these emotions will weave our journey together.

Produced by Jamii

Director: Isorine Marc

Live videography: Ella Cooper

Live poetry: Paulina O’Kieffe Anthony

Music and singing: Evangelia Kambites

Dancers: Jaz Fairy J, Nicola Pantin, Meryem Alaoui, Sukruti Tirupattur, Yvonne Ng

Photographer: Gillian Mapp

Editing: Isorine Marc

Music: “Feel the Fall” by Evangelia Kambites

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