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La Bulle

Aug to Sep 2021

La Bulle

Jamii and Théâtre Français de Toronto co-presented

"La Bulle"


Aug 31 to Sept 5, 2021

Berkeley Castle Courtyard700 spectators

A visually stunning and poetic solo performance from the minds of David Danzon and Carolin Lindner.

 La Bulle featured a one-of-a-kind bubble tent and its sole inhabitant: Pierrot, the iconic dreamer. Confined together, they live in transparent symbiosis. In this theatrical setting, there is nowhere to hide - an absurd situation, fully exploited with humour by a lucid and lunar Pierrot.

La Bulle is nominated for the 2022 Dora Awards by Toronto Alliance of Performing Arts in the categories of  "Outstanding Achievement in Design" (Scenic Design: David Danzon and Carolin Lindner) and "Outstanding Production" (CORPUS presented by Théâtre Français de Toronto and Jamii).


Conceived, directed and designed by David Danzon & Carolin Lindner (CORPUS)

Co-presented with Théâtre français de Toronto and Jamii

Performed by David Danzon

Costume Design by Françoise Autran 


Co-founded in 1997 by Sylvie Bouchard and artistic director David Danzon, CORPUS is known for its precise and surrealist humour that combines movement with theatrical imagery. CORPUS’ unique and engaging performances are presented in both traditional and unusual locations for large and diverse audiences.

A huge thank you to the production team:

For CORPUS: Janin Goldman, Paulina Speltz, Jeff Souzy, Deanna Gene. 

For Théâtre français de Toronto: Karine Ricard, Ghislain Caron, Manuel Verreydt, Sandra-Emily Veilleux, Hadrien Volle. 

For Jamii: Isorine Marc, Jasmin Linton, DeeAnn Sagar, Cynthia Ruso, Tereka Smith, Ammar Salem, Iris Unlu.

For Berkeley Castle: Linda Leistner and Melody Arnold.

Supported by

Photos by Isorine Marc - Berkeley Castle, The Esplanade, Toronto, ON

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