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Ryan from Artists' Play by Jae Yang
Jamii's Children Festival
A festival for children and children at heart since 2020!
In partnership with Berkeley Castle and Canadian Stage

Each year, Jamii invites families and young adventurers to embark on an artistic journey filled with wonder and imagination. Held in the heart of the vibrant Esplanade neighbourhood, WAYO has been a resounding success, with hundreds of attendees joining us for an unforgettable experience every year.

What sets WAYO Children's Festival apart is its unique concept. It's a parkour-like adventure through the world of art, where groups of audience members explore captivating live installations within two heritage buildings at 2 Berkeley St (Berkeley Castle), 26 Berkeley St (Canadian Stage/Berkeley Theatre). These historic venues provide the perfect backdrop for our creative performances.

Jamii is now working on the 5th Annual WAYO Children's Festival for August 2024! We will be inviting audiences to discover performances and installations that explore the world of animals from different continents such as giant pandas (Asia), leopards (Africa), three-toed sloths (Central and South America), albatrosses (Antarctica), sheep (Europe), and Australian Bass (Australia). For North America, festival goers will be treated to a finale by an Indigenous Hoop Dance – bringing the animal kingdom under one realm of togetherness.

We can't wait to celebrate the 5th year of WAYO together in 2024!


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