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Photos Exhibits

Our intent is to transform our public space to surprise passers-by, to engage in conversation through arts and to share different perspectives. It is also an amazing opportunity to feature photographers from Toronto and beyond, and to engage community members in curatorial processes.

Almost every year, Jamii produces a new photo exhibits to be displayed in our public space - usually David Crombie Park. 

1) Maryam.jpg

Summer 2023


Exhibited at
The Esplanade & Berkeley St
David Crombie Park
Nadya Kwandibens Exhibit Unveiling - Indigenous Day - by Ana Higuera713.jpg

Summer 2022

"The Red Chair Sessions"

Exhibited at
The Esplanade & Princess St
David Crombie Park

"The Red Chair Sessions, by Nadya Kwandibens, is an ongoing open-call portraiture series that places importance on the acknowledgement and reclamation of Indigenous lands and the revitalization of Indigenous languages. This series ultimately disrupts colonial narratives, centres Indigenous Peoples who have been here since time immemorial, and reminds us that we are all guests on Indigenous land.


The series is also a celebration honouring the many achievements of Indigenous Peoples and presents a positive perspective for future generations." 


- Excerpt from the Artistic Statement

Click here for more information

Exhibit - Illuminated Perspectives.jpeg

Nov 2021 - Jan 2022

"Illuminated Perspectives"  

Exhibited in the courtyard of 
Toronto Public Library
St Lawrence Branch

This exhibit features the work of 4 photographers from Pikangikum First Nation: Mandi Chan Peters, Maddy King, Morningstar Quill and Clayton Turtle.


It was curated by 11 young women from The Esplanade community under the leadership of Elle Alconcel.


“Illuminated Perspectives” portrays Pikangikum First Nation and its spectacular beauty. The photos capture the essence of northern wildlife and the people who live there."

*A Laini Initiative

23 2016 - Basketball Tournament Workshop 2015 Final Photo (7) crop.jpg

2014 - 2018


Exhibited by the basketball court - David Crombie Park

Between 2014 and 2018, Jamii organized a group of youth to capture the BasketBall Tournaments that were taking place at our local basletball court on David Crombie Park.

Not only youths would learn photography skills, but would also curate their exhibit,  which would then be displayed by the court the following year.

Seeing Evergreen - Toronto Photo Exhibit - Jamii The Esplanade - Photo by Delphy Photograp

Spring 2022

"Seeing Evergreen"

Exhibited at
The Esplanade & Frederick St
David Crombie Park

This exhibit features the stories of 12 older adults who are local to the Esplanade. The exhibition is created by Laini youths , and facilitated by co-leaders Maysam Ghani, and Ana Higuera. 

As one might imagine, this winter has been especially hard for many of the seniors in our neighbourhood. Jamii's intention is to feature the voices and stories of our local seniors and invite them to take a central seat in our community as we are sharing aspects of their journey, richness, and resilience.

The exhibit is located in David Crombie Park (The Esplanade & Frederick St) and takes place from April to early Summer of 2022.


*A Laini Initiative


Spring 2021

"Looks Like Us"

Exhibited in David Crombie Park

"By providing a window onto the world through these photographs, we are creating a platform to express our different experiences of the pandemic, to relate to one another, to talk about emotions, to let go and release, and to understand that even though COVID-19 has affected many countries – and the world at large - the impact it had on individuals was very different. We hope that “caring” for one another is a sentiment that will transpire through this exhibit. "

This exhibit featured the works of photographes members of the Jounal Collective and was curated by 13 young women of our community, under the leadership of Gillian Mapp and Isorine Marc.

*A Laini Initiative

Celebrating Cultures - by DelphyPhotography 41.jpg

Summer 2022

"Water No Get Enemy"

Exhibited at
David Crombie Park
By Murphy Owusu

"Western culture often forgets about Nature; taking water, food, elements for granted. I believe it is important to show how many indigenous communities around the world are living in harmony with Nature by understanding and honouring it every single day."


More info.


Winter 2021

"WIsdoM ripples"

Exhibited at
The Esplanade & Sherbourne
David Crombie Park

Inspired by our 2022 theme "Water Is Memory", "WIsdoM ripples" features the work of three Toronto-based photographers: Roya DelSol, Brianna Roye and Zahra Siddiqui.


This exhibit was curated by 9 young women of our community, under the leadership of Gillian Mapp and Isorine Marc.

"Water, like memory, has a rhythm; it ripples in water like time and music on a page.

A souvenir from a trip taken long ago. The scents from childhood. The familiar sound of laughter from your loved ones.

Memories from the past rushing in and out like waves, crashing and flowing like a storm of culture."

*A Laini Initiative


Spring 2019

"I am me."

Exhibited at The Esplanade & Jarvis - David Crombie Park

In 2018, a group of 10 talented young women created a photography exhibition that was featured as an Open Exhibition in CONTACT, Photography Festival, and was displayed in May 2019 in David Crombie Park.


The exhibit, titled “I am me (Girl, I got you)”, invites viewers to push beyond the confines of society’s image of women. 

A project under the leadership of Brianna Roye.

Photos taken and curated by the 10 participating young women. 


*A Laini Initiative

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