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WAYO 1st Annual Children's Festival

August 26, 2020 

Berkeley Castle & Berkeley Theatre

Jamii produced its first official children’s outdoors festival for the Esplanade community: WAYO (a Swahili word that means footprint, symbolizing the journey to life). WAYO brought creativity to the hearts of our youngest community members as it awakened their imaginations and touched their souls through storytelling, song, dance and crafts. 



Indigenous artist Mahlikah Awe:ri with the performance “Becoming a Thunderbird”; 

Eman Hillawi and Alexandra Legendre for a lollipop lyra duet; and 

Bana Stegu and Arlene Paculan for a musical performance. 

This event was MC’d by Kristi Heath.


EVENT PRODUCTION: Isorine Marc, Sharon Zarita

PARTNERS: Berkeley Castle , Canadian Stage

Supported by

Photos by: Delphy Photography

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