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Jamii's Influencers

Jamii's impact is the results of hundreds of people coming together to shape it the way it is. 
Here are a few stories of people and organizations who have shaped and influenced Jamii through the years.



A Laini youth

Reflecting on a Laini project, curating a photo exhibition: "Curating this exhibit opened my eyes because I am only 11yrs old and I am creating something with other great women. I have always wanted to be a basketball player but people said I can’t because I am a girl, but now I realize that even if I am a girl, I can still do anything I want.” - Huda, youth curator 

Huda has been past of multiple LAINI


Zoie Edwards

1st Project Coordinator

Zoie Edwards, who was "born and raised" in The Esplanade community, was Jamii's 1st Project Coordinator, thanks to a partnership with CORPUS and support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Zoie poured her passion for her community in the work and contributed to establish a strong foundation for Jamii. 

Zoie is now on Jamii's Board of Directors and continues contributing to our success.



Canadian Stage

Partnering with our local theatre

Canadian Stage, The Esplanade’s internationally renowned theatre, and Jamii have joined forces to reinforce our capacity to bring memorable arts experiences in our community. This collaboration has been transformative for Jamii: we simply wouldn’t have been able to produce this amazing range of events without Canadian Stage. 



By Andrew - reflecting on "The Wedding"

The Artists

“What a wild project! The editing is crazy, it must have taken an insane amount of planning to coordinate a single consistent shot like that. I absolutely love how it incorporates the full breadth of the Esplanade in every sense - the cast walk the length of the street and engage with all the park areas, all the cultural diversity is so intentionally represented...incredible. Such a beautiful way to collect all the richness of the community! It really feels like a truly global community condensed into a few blocks. The fact you did it (at least) 3 times is nuts. Love it.” - Andrew, audience member



A volunteer

For events such as Wayo, Jamii is thrilled to work with amazing volunteers. Back in 2021, Anhar was one of them: she supported her mother treating little ones to henna designs. 

Since Wayo, Anhar has been a part of our two most recent photo exhibits not only taking part in stimulating projects but also accumulating volunteer hours for her résumé as she is anticipating University applications. 


TD Canada Trust

Laini Sponsor

TD Ready Commitment trusted Jamii in its capacity to engage young women of our neighbourhood through our Laini initiative. TD invested in Laini and as a result, in 2021, we engaged over 50 young women in creative initiatives.

As a result, Laini participants shared with us:
“When you transition to high school there is no time to do things you like doing so Jamii created a space for that, and to think critically about my own creativity.”

Jonelle & Isorine.JPG

Canada Summer Jobs

The wonderful Project Coordinators

Since 2017, we have been lucky to welcome talented young women with Canada Summer Jobs opportunities: Nadifa Mohamed, Maysam Ghani, Yusra Yacout, Afnan Yakot, Mio Muyoboke, Afsheen Chodwdurry,  Mira Ghabiel, Cynthia Cella Russo and Jonelle Sills.

They have contributed to make the Summer seasons a success by bringing new perspectives, fresh ideas, passion and energy. We are grateful to be able to welcome them into the Jamii family.  


All the Freelancers

An expanded Jamii team

There are some very special people who are Jamii’s family and bring the quality of our work to next level. This talented individuals are shaping what Jamii does, what it looks like, how it impact the community and transform our public space. We have grown our Jamii family this year, and we are over the moon to be collaborating with such creative people.

Freelancers who are Stage Managers, Graphic Designers, Tech Assistants, Photographers and as seen in the photo  Videographer Ana Higuera.

Thank you for your contribution. It's making Jamii what it is. 

Marathon fundraising.jpeg


A donor

Afsheen has played an important role in Jamii: not only she participated in projects, she was a "Laini" girls, she worked at Jamii, but she also fundraises for the organization knowing that each dollar she raised would go towards free programming for our community. 

Afsheen has a huge impact on the organization and we are grateful for her contribution and of so many others. 


Geogia Reynolds

Former Board member

Georgia was there on the very first Jamii performance back in 2011 and ended up being interviewed for a short video we had made! As destiny was set, the following year, she was participating in one of our projects and then joined the Jamii board to contribute shaping Jamii through the years with her advice. support, care, and passion. Georgia plays a key role in ensuring Jamii is true to its values and mission. 



By Tanjin - Laini reflection 

Workshop Facilitators

“I am in awe at how the mentors fostered such rich environments for children and youth in the Esplanade community. All the mentors had their own unique approaches, but there was a common thread of ensuring inclusivity and collaboration. I loved being a part of this ethnographic project; rather than being an observer I felt immersed in each and every program, which goes to show the amazing work the mentors and mentees did to create lifelong memories.” - Tanjin Ashraf, Laini Research and Evaluation Lead

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