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Sunday Versifying - by Shaimaa Yakout1.jpg
7 pm
Discover your unique poetic voice!

April 2024


April 7, 14, 21, 2024

Workshop Lead: Sharon Zarita Adhiambo

For 3 sessions in April, craft artist, creative writer and entrepreneur Sharon Zarita Adhiambo is facilitating a series of creative writing and storytelling workshops inspired by this month's theme of "Motherland". Participants will dive into journaling their thoughts and ideas through a collection of writing activities and prompts. If you are interested in uncovering your own story, learning to craft a spoken word piece, and space to poetically reflect and journal, this workshop series is for you! You will have the opportunity to share your spoken piece at the Thursday Mingling event on May 2nd.

Photos by Shaimaa Yakout

Sharon Zarita Adhiambo Sharon Zarita Adhiambo is a Kenyan arts administrator, socio-cultural entrepreneur and creative leader whose heart beats for holistic development of people and communities through artistic experiences.

Zarita has worked in the arts sector in Kenya and Canada producing projects centered on self expression, social integration, and cultural celebration. Her work is grounded in creating barrier-free spaces where everyone can explore the artist in them while remaining authentic in their identity and stories. Apart from being an arts worker, she strengthens the industry as a mentor, consultant and advocate.

Zarita holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Arts Administration from Humber College and is now the Arts Program Officer at Assembly Hall. She is also the founder of Sekoya East Africa, a non-profit that provides emerging crafters and other artists in Kenya with accessible professional development resources and mentorship to advance their careers locally, produce artwork with a global influence and have a peer community to belong to.

Since 2019, she has worked with Jamii in various capacities and projects with the most recent being script writing for Mudlark Show, 2023. Writing and storytelling are Zarita’s expressive companions, enriching all of her life’s seasons. She is delighted to join Jamii’s community this April for the Versifying workshops and explore these art expressions alongside Waleed.

Photo Credit: Unknown

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