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Sunday Versifying - by Shaimaa Yakout1.jpg
7 pm
Discover your unique poetic voice!

February 2024


February 4, 11, 18, 2024

Workshop Lead: Carolina Leite

In the inaugural session of our Sunday Versifying series, we'll briefly explore the concept of Forró, weaving our personal experiences into poetry and spoken word. Participants will delve into the world of Northeast Brazilian music, gaining insights and unlocking creativity through the art of storytelling.

Photos by Shaimaa Yakout

Carolina Leite

Toronto-based creative. Originally from Brazil, Sao Paulo. Creative writing & music representative. MILKNDHONEY's Career started when she landed a scholarship in Toronto through a poetry contest that took place in Brazil, 2015. Since then, she has volunteered in Festivals with Manifesto and Uma Nota Culture, conducted creative writing workshops with OCASI and pitched her point of view in regards to emerging artists in Toronto with Shifter Magazine. Currently, MILKNDHONEY is part of Mar Aberto, an Afro-Brazilian Drumming group based in Toronto while developing her exclusive music and entrepreneurial career.

Photo by Ana Higuera

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