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11 am
Let's sew together!

April 2024

Motherland Circle Top

April 7, 14, 21, 28, 2024

Workshop Lead: Anita Boey

Join facilitator Anita Boey celebrating the Pan-African movement, and learn about the profound influence of African cultures on the global stage through the sewing of a Circle Top. A key element in the theme of Motherland is the importance of collectiveness and celebrating the “we” in life. Your Circle Top will tell the story of togetherness and collectiveness. You are invited to choose one of the colourful and vibrant Ankara fabric (African Wax Print Fabric) that Jamii provides, and sew away with Anita.  In the first session, April 7, you will be introduced to the theme, choose your fabric, transfer the pattern pieces onto your fabric and cut! In the second session (April 14), you will be sewing the circle hem and neckline of the top. In the third workshop (Apil 21). You will be sewing the four keyholes of the top. Finally, in the fourth session (April 28), you will be sewing the belt, adding finishing touches to the top and end with a fashion show.

For novice sewers, Shaimaa Yakot, our dedicated Sewing Workshop Assistant, will guide you with the fundamental skills of operating a sewing machine while delving into a simple yet captivating project.

Photos by Isorine Marc

Anita Boey

Business Professor by day, sewist by night. Anita is a passionate sewist with a deep interest for sustainability and creativity. As an advocate for reducing waste and embracing eco-friendly practices, I utilize rescued materials in my sewing projects. I hope that my sewing serves as a powerful reminder of the beauty that can emerge from diverted waste, while inspiring others to join me in the quest for a more sustainable world, one stitch at a time.

Photo Credit: Unknown

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