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Workshops with Youth at Rubiri School

Updated: Jan 10

On November 23, Isorine Marc and Dixon, a local Naivasha artist, engaged in a vibrant step by step painting session with the youth, guiding them to capture the essence of Canadian mountains on canvas. Their creativity flowed as they translated the landscapes onto their paintings, fostering a unique connection across continents through art.

The youth also continued to practice for the upcoming showcase they have for family and friends on Sunday, November 26.

Takako Segawa mesmerized the local youth with a dance session, immersing them in the world of Japanese cultural dance and songs, creating anticipation for the upcoming showcase. They also created instruments to use for the dance performance as well. Aline Morales orchestrated a musical workshop, strengthening bonds through the art of music. The youth also started to take lead on singing the songs!

We also connected with local Naivasha artists listening to their stories, and gaining profound insight onto their creative universe. The artists not only shared a deep commitment to community and the arts but also showcased their incredible work, providing us with an inspiring glimpse into their talent and passion.

A project supported by Canada Council for the Arts

📸Photos by Yasmine Omar


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