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Meeting with Maulid Owino & Liboi

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Our Founder, Isorine Marc, finally welcomed Aline Morales, Takako Segawa, and Yasmine Omar to Kenya.

On November 15, we met with Maulid Owino, a movement artist and choreographer and Liboi, a singer and musician. We connected over food and headed over to The Mansion Dance Studio located at Kahawa Sukari where collaboration began with Aline Morales , Takako Segawa, Maulid Owino and Liboi in preparation for the performance ‘The Baraza’ at The Lava Latte on Sunday, November 19.

In collaboration with (the amazing Nancy Muttai & Chelsea Guya) Sekoya East Africa & The Crony Productions

As a group we embarked on our project, our Baraza, creating an intentional conversation between artists from our community in Downtown Toronto, The Esplanade, and Nairobi, in Kenya to explore the building of bridges between our two communities where people and stories are the heart of the connection. The exploration unfolds through artistic encounters, intentional discussions, story sharing, and the exchange of multiple community-engaged arts practices.

A project supported by @canada.council

Photos by Yasmine Omar


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