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At Rubiri School

At Rubiri School on November 23, school teacher Edwin Wekesa warmly welcomed us. Over the next few days, we initiated a series of workshops with local artists in Naivasha, with the goal of preparing for a big performance for family and friends this Sunday. The day was filled with connections through music and dance.

Takako Segawa led a captivating workshop introducing the youth to Japanese cultural dance and songs (Yosakoi), sparking curiosity and engagement with the youth. The students showed enthusiasm to learn more in the upcoming sessions.

Aline Morales took charge of a musical workshop, fostering connections through music and singing. Later on, these workshops delved into the art of using instruments to create sound and music. The day concluded on a harmonious note with the youth singing a Brazilian song together, solidifying the sense of unity and joy in the group.

A project supported by Canada Council for the Arts

Photos by Yasmine Omar


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