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I am me


I am me

Exhibited at The Esplanade & Jarvis - David Crombie Park

In 2018, a group of 10 talented young women created a photography exhibition that was featured as an Open Exhibition in CONTACT, Photography Festival, and was displayed in May 2019 in David Crombie Park.

The exhibit, titled “I am me (Girl, I got you)”, invites viewers to push beyond the confines of society’s image of women. 

A project under the leadership of Brianna Roye.

Photos taken and curated by the 10 participating young women. 


Emerging photographers: Alina Khurram, Amni Hantash. Gennavive Marshall, Helena Maragos, Inara Ibrahim, Mysha Khurram, Nadia Ibrahim, Nadifa Daud Mohamed, Pauline Williams, Zoë Campbell

Lead artist: Brianna Roye

Curator: Isorine Marc

Curation Process:

Our group of young women curated this exhibit and crafted its title and artistic statement. They were initially presented with 40 photos, about 10 by each of the four photographers. Through a series of 5 workshops, under the artistic leadership of Elle Alconcel, they worked together to select 18 photos only.  Through the exchange of ideas, perspectives and opinions, they explore the “why” and "how" to present this exhibit to their community and to you. 

Photos by Isorine Marc

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