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Just Imagine

This mural was created from a local community initiative, in the youth lounge of the St Lawrence Community Recreation Centre.

Just Imagine

Artistic Statement by lead artist Andrew Patterson:

“Just Imagine” is the culmination of weeks of work by the young boys of The Esplanade. This project asks us to reflect on the concept of local community through the lens of imagination. A series of group brainstorms produced playful imagery, from dinosaurs to superheroes, engaging in activities dear to the young minds they sprouted from. Vibrant scenes bursting from colourful comic panels beckon us to imagine where our community came from, and where we might go in the future.

From prehistoric ping-pong players through David Crombie raising the foundations of The Esplanade neighbourhood to super-powered basketball and beyond, imagination and creativity will guide us forward and always toward a stronger Esplanade community!

Artistic Statement by the co-creators of the mural, boys of The Esplanade neighborhood:

Our “Just Imagine” mural is a creative expression of our collective minds. Throughout the making of this mural, we had a unique opportunity to interact imaginatively, deepen our friendships, and create new ones.

The mural makes this youth space more welcoming and calming. It also gives us a sense of ownership in this shared space. When looking at the mural, it shocks us on how we transformed our thoughts and imaginations into a visual imagery. We were able to tell the story on how we imagine The Esplanade in the past, future, and present with dinosaurs coming before us, to an unexpected visit from spiderman in the future, to our love of basketball and skateboarding representing our present childhood.


Co-created by 13 youths, local to The Esplanade neighbourhood
Design: Ayan, Dandino, Dario, Kashous, Mohamed, Raheim
Painting: Abdu, Adel, Ali, Anees, Ayan, Carter, Dandino, Dario, Javardo, Kashous, Mohamed, Quinci, Raheim
Lead Artist: Andrew Patterson
Curator: Isorine Marc
Project lead: Afnan Yakot
Coordination and Community Outreach: Afnan Yakot, Osman Mahmud

Initiated by Jamii, St. Lawrence Community Recreation Centre Advisory Council
Approved by the City of Toronto
Produced by Jamii Esplanade
With community outreach support from UNO
Funded by the Kiwanis Foundation, TD Bank, City of Toronto Main street Innovation Fund

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