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Toronto Waterfront Marathon Cheering Site


October 20


On Sunday, October 20th 2019 Jamii organized both the Family Fun Run and St Lawrence Cheering Site at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and won the big prize for the Best Cheering Site!

Thank you to our partners in organizing this event: Friends of Berczy Park, Children Princess Garden.

Thank you to our sponsors CONCERT, Tim Hortons, Aroma and GWL Realty Advisors! We are also grateful to our local cinema, Imagine Cinemas for the donation of movie passes for all the winners of the Family Fun Run!

Thank you to the planning committee: Isorine Marc, Dennis Glasgow, Shaun Pearen, Mary McDonald, Dan O'Leary, Zarita Adhiambo, Josefina Bilotta, Maureen Browne, Raecheal Goddard, Karen Lam and all the wonderful people who showed up on the day of. Without you cheering up the marathon runners, we wouldn't have won!
Last but not least, thank you to all the amazing artists who brought the cheering site to life!

Linda Epp - Face Painting
Andrew Patterson - Live Portrait Drawings
Aline Morales - Brazilian drums
Walter MacLean - African drums
Kaitlin Torrance, Patrica Estay and Miranda Meijer - Dancing

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