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Wednesday & Thursday
After School
A Jamii initiative to encourage girls and young women to explore art and leadership!
Visual Art Series

September to October 2023 - Grades 1 to 6

Led by Janice Garel

A series of visual arts and hands on activities such as tie dye, fabric painting, acrylics, and various crafts, that will lead to the creation of a mini-showcase to be presented to families and friends.

Janice Garel studied at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica and the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. She has exhibited her work in Toronto and abroad. Janice has worked mainly with silk and oil paintings for the last 25 years. Her work is drawn from a wide range of subject matter as she sees art in all that surrounds her.
Janice is also very involved in her community. In 2002, she was a recipient of the Markham Mayor's award for community service. Janice has also been commissioned by various schools in the York Region to paint large murals on walls or to create painted silk banners. For years, Janice has been running the Art Adventure Studio. The art studio offered art classes through the year to, workshops, elective programs to schools and summer camps to children and adults. The studio also allows Janice to pass on her love of art to her students.
As an artist, she strongly feels that it is not only in the end result that an artist finds the greatest of pleasure, but also in the enjoyment of the journey.

Photo Credit: Unknown

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