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Wednesday & Thursday
After School
A Jamii initiative to encourage girls and young women to explore art and leadership!
Video Skills

November 2021 - January 2022

Led by Alejandra Higuera

Alejandra Higuera and her mentee have embarked on a journey to capture "WIsdoM ripples" - a photography exhibit curated by 9 young women of The Esplanade community. During this project, Alejandra and her mentee worked on filming skills, getting familiar with professional filming equipment, editing a short video, and exploring video animation.  This project led to the creation of a short video that was distributed on Jamii's social media and presented on Jamii's website. 

Alejandra Higuera is a multidisciplinary, visual storyteller working in video, animation, projection, and illustration. Her work focuses on themes of migration, feminism, memory, grief, ritual by centering the intricate stories of immigrant, queer and BIPOC resilience and exploring how healing leads us to re-imaging ourselves.

Photo by Ana Figo

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