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Wednesday & Thursday
After School
A Jamii initiative to encourage girls and young women to explore art and leadership!

July 2023 - Ages 7 to 20

Led by Kseniya Tsoy

A group of fifteen youth from The Esplanade came together, under the artistic leadership of Kseniya Tsoy to create a marvelous mural on the Hydrobox, at the corner of The Esplanade and Berkeley St. 

The Hydrobox had been vandalized years ago and was, simply put, an eye sore for the community. The youg women transformed the box into a whimsical underwater world where everyone is welcome. 

Unveiled in July 2023.


Lead artist: Kseniya Tsoy

Supporting artist: Karen Lam

Curator: Isorine Marc

Coordination and community outreach: Maryam Alireza

Participating youths: 

Design: Asmaa, Collean, Gennavive , Hafsa, Helena, Kandi, Larissa, Morgan, Nada, Pushpa, Vijaya

Painting: Aéla, Alex, Asmaa, Collean, Hafsa, Kandi, Larissa, Morgan, Nada, Nancy, Pushpa, Vijaya, Zélia

"My name is Kseniya, but I go by K. I am a self-proclaimed artist born and raised in Uzbekistan. For almost a decade I have been working on a variety of international projects with World Culture Open - a global network of cultural creatives, based between Beijing and Seoul. I moved to Canada in 2018 and I am currently based out of Toronto, but available worldwide.
Today, I am a freelance hustler doing a bunch of things. Perhaps, I'm best known for my whimsical community murals, but I also facilitate workshops, design and lead team building activities, manage creative projects, and yes, sometimes I do my own art too! My work is always about community, spaces we inhabit, and the ways we connect with each other. Ultimately, I hope that whatever I do makes someone's day a bit brighter and, most importantly, brings us together."

Photo Credit: Unknown

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