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Wednesday & Thursday
After School
A Jamii initiative to encourage girls and young women to explore art and leadership!
Jewellery Making

September to October 2023 - Grades 7 to 12

Led by Erin Ademoğlu

Artist Erin Ademoglu led youth through the world of jewellery making that led to the creation of a mini-showcase to share with family and friends. Through out these 7 weeks, participants learned many new techniques of basic jewellery making, including connecting accessories or other items together, how to use pliers, and opening/closing of jump rings in order to connect pieces. Erin also held a discussion on sustainability, reusable, and up-cycled items.

Workshop Activities:

  • Up-cycled multi-purpose keychain from new and old items.

  • Earrings (dangly studs). Materials: Plier, metal pins, learn to bend and shape pins, glue work.

  • Bracelets: pliers, jump rings, wires, using ends to finish wire and chain work. Using new and old items to create. Discussing design, layering.

  • Necklaces, chain, and wire work with new and up-cycled items.

  • Combination everything learned, finishing up projects, and creating new designs and styles of choice. Ring and Cufflink bases will be provided for some glue play, for more unique and possible abstract pieces. Participants can use their own creative instincts, design skills and the techniques that they learned.

Erin Ademoğlu weaves elagance through the wreckage of forgotten factories and graveyards of oyr favourite things. Handcrafted jewelry for women and men. Wearable. Modern & timeless. -Basic Jewellery workshops are available for educational centers and parties for all ages. -Jewelry Styles and techniques: Up-cycled, costume, lost wax carving and silver smiting. Erin has experience teaching young people and people of all ages, sharing her passion of jewllery making.

Photo Credit: Unknown

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