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A Jamii initiative to encourage girls and young women to explore art and leadership!
Illuminated Perspectives

September to October 2021 - Ages: 10-16 yrs old

Led by Elle Alconcel

In the Fall of 2021, 11 young women, under the guidance of Elle Alconcel, curated an exceptional photo exhibit titled "Illuminated Perspectives".  This exhibit features the works of 4 artists from Pikangikum First Nation, Northern Ontario.

The exhibit was displayed in the courtyard of the St Lawrence Library (Toronto Public Library) through November & December 2021.


The group of girls who curated "Illuminated Perspectives" came together and shared their ideas and visions of how to showcase the photos for everyone to enjoy.  They dreamed about how these pictures would transform the courtyard space; how they would share stories through the images; and debated, exchanged ideas and challenged one another to create a cohesive exhibit. The older girls helped the younger girls and the group came together on a curatorial journey.

Here is an excerpt of their artistic statement:

“Illuminated Perspectives” portrays Pikangikum First Nation and its spectacular beauty. These photos are much more powerful than just a series of images. They are a statement of culture, heritage, pride, and community."

Featured photographers: Clayton Turtle, Maddy King, Mandi Chan-Peters, Morningstar Quill. 

Curation process facilitated by Elle Alconcel, assisted by Isorine Marc

To learn more about their project, visit:


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