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A Flow of Colourful Connections in Lockdown

An art video project created in 2020  during the Covid-19 pandemic


Five Continents International Film Festival #42 (Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela): Best Experimental Short Film, Special Mention Cinematography Short Film, Special Mention Editing Short Film, Special Mention Original Score Short Film.

Canada Shorts: Award of Distinction.

Docs Without Borders Film Festival (Nassau, USA): Exceptional Merit

Official Selection:

Yellowknife International Film Festival (Canada)

DIVERSITY FEEDBACK Film Festival (New York, USA)

Better Cities Film Festival (New York, USA)

Docs Without Borders Film Festival (Nassau, USA)

"Unlocked: A Flow of Colourful Connections in Lockdown" is a short film/art video that captures the personal journey of eleven women during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the Spring of 2020, eleven women were asked to express artistically how months of isolation has affected their sense of identity. In answering the question, “what is left of me,” each participant, multi-generational and all residents of the Esplanade community, was paired with a professional artist to assists them in the creation process.

An abstract symphony of thoughts, emotions, and reflection, Unlocked offers a window into the emotional lives of women. From isolated days that connected them with close family, to sleepless nights which drew them to take a closer look inward, to a new relation to time that led them to dive into forgotten interests, these stories invite the viewer to contemplate how the pandemic has impacted each of us differently.

Filmed entirely in the Esplanade neighbourhood - in the middle of the road, in a living room, under balconies, in the park - these interwoven stories express feelings of joy and comfort, melancholy and hope, loss and love through poetry, song, dance, sculpture, painting and photography.

First Public Screening: July 24th and 25th 2020, Berkeley Castle, Toronto

A project produced in partnership with Canadian Stage.

This project is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and Toronto Arts Council. This project is an adaption of WIND STORIES – an initiative that was adjusted due to COVID-19 impact on live arts. 


Produced by Jamii

In partnership with Canadian Stage


Directed and Produced by:  Charmaine Kachibaia & Isorine Marc  


Writen by: Afsheen Chowdhury, Aziza Virani,  Bana Stegu, Britta Badour, Francisca Zentilli, Helena Maragos, Indrit Kasapi, Isorine Marc, Julie Nadine, Karen Lam, Kerryn Graham, Lilly Otieno, Mihaly Szabados ,  Paula Wing, Samantha Stewart, Sharon Zarita, Sid Aakowa, Takako Segawa, Tanjin Ashraf, Teilhard Frost, Tereka Smith,  Wendy Devine  


Cast (in alphabetical order):  Aela Kuria, Afsheen Chowdhury, Aziza Virani,  Bana Stegu,  Daniella Gakumba, Francisca Zentilli,  Gennavive Marshall, Gergetet Abdelmalak, Helena Maragos, Isabella Mutoni, Julie Nadine,  Karen Lam,  Lilly Otieno,  Michele Brennan, Mireille Ouellet, Paula Wing, Tanjin Ashraf, Tereka Smith,  Verna Chong, Wendy Devine  


Director of Photography: 
Nick Kay  

Production Coordinator:  Sharon Zarita  

Editor: Nick Kay  

Assistant Editor: Charmaine Kachibaia 

Sound Design and Audio Mix: Matthew Maaskaant  


Original Score:  

Teilhard Frost and Jason Mercer 

Recorded at Neptune's Machine 

Engineered and mixed by Jason Mercer  


Original Music: 


Written, produced, recorded and performed by Bana Stegu 

“Set It Free”  

Written by Robert Graham  

Behind the Scene Photos

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