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A series of daily 7-min dance solos (structured improvisation)

Feb 1st to 7th 2021

A project supported by the Government of Ontario.


 Jamii launched its 2021 theme, “LOOKS LIKE US”, with “SEVEN”, a series of 7 different dance solos, which were live-streamed on its Facebook page from Feb 1st to 7th at 7pm. 


“LOOKS LIKE US” is an invitation for everyone to step into Jamii’s world, tapping into our personal empathy reservoirs and to ask ourselves important questions like  ‘what do we see in the “other”?’, ‘how much of “us” is in “them”?’, and ‘how do we mix?’.   


“SEVEN” featured seven professional dance artists who were invited to offer the audience a retrospective through movements and words, reflecting on how they have been shaken to the core through the past year.   As a mirror to their movements and words, we invite audiences to reflect on how their core had been shaken in the past months, as we are approaching a year of life in a pandemic.  

February 1st: Michael Caldwell

Michael is a Toronto-based choreographer, performer, curator, director, producer, and arts advocate, working in site-responsive and community-engaged contexts to subvert traditional ways of viewing and experiencing dance and performance. Music by James Bunton.


February 2nd: Yvonne Ng

Peranakan Chinese descent, Yvonne Ng, B.F.A., M.A. artistic director, choreographer, performer and arts educator of tiger princess dance projects. 


February 3rd: Jaz Fairy J

Jaz Fairy J is a Creative Entrepreneur, Healer, Performing Artist and Mother. She is the founder and CEO of her luxury natural skincare brand ‘Rub of Luv’ She believes that art is a portal to the divine and in that she is in a constant investigation around how her work can create more space for healing.

February 4th: Irma Villafuerte

Irma Villafuerte is a dance artist, educator and first-generation daughter of refugees from Nahuat Pipil Territory Kuskatan, post-colonial El Salvador, based in Tkaronto. She’s had the honor to perform at renowned festivals in Canada, Cuba and the U.S.A. and work with outstanding dance companies. As a Latin American woman, her passion for social justice and human rights, is the driving force for creation in Irma’s choreographic and performance work.

February 5th: Lua Shayenne

Lua is artist who tells stories, through dance, song and word. Her goal is to “effect a spiritual conquest” by establishing a relation with the human hearts and create art that is original but preserves the authentic spirit of her culture and Faith.


February 6th: Jane-Alison McKinney

Jane-Alison McKinney is a dancer, choreographer, and producer whose work has been presented nationally at a variety of festivals and residencies. A recipient of a Metcalf Foundation Internship with adelheid under the mentorship of Heidi Strauss, who she currently works with as a dancer and producer; and co-director of the collective Bare Nerve with Emma Kerson.

February 7th: Nicola Pantin

Nicola Pantin is an independent dance artist, choreographer and dance instructor based in Toronto, Canada.


Filmed by Isorine Marc.Stage hand: Afnan Yakot

Jamii team: Isorine Marc, Artistic & Executive Director - Jasmin Linton, Program Manager – DeeAnn Sagar, Philanthropy Manager.


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