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One-of-a-kind site specific live streamed series of 4 performances

Jamii partnered with the creative bunch at CORPUS to co-produce a site-specific musical and dance performance in and a round one of our beloved playgrounds.

These performances, which were live streamed on Facebook LIVE, transformed our park into a joyful, vibrant and whimsical stage, bringing love to all audiences through musical delight.


Co-directors: Anika Johnson, Isorine Marc 

Artistic advisor David Danzon.

Performers: Jeremiah Sparks, Arlene Paculan, Bana Stegu, Leen Hamo,Trudy Lee Gayle, and Anika Johnson.

Video: Isorine Marc, Ana Higuera, Alejandra Higuera

Sound tech: Amye Sagar

Powered by Streamstage

Presented in partnership with Canadian Stage

Supported by: Rama Gaming House

Photos: Jae Yang


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