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I am Me. I am Heart


I am Me. I am Heart

Nuit Blanche in Crombie Park - Oct 5th 2019

While the city celebrated the annual Toronto Nuit Blanche event, Jamii invited audiences to participate in a sensory experience inspired by our award-winning documentary “At Heart”.

24 Esplanadians took the audience on a unique and interactive journey through David Crombie Park in our own version of Nuit Blanche. The hour-long shows lasted till midnight with a screening of "At Heart" at the end of each show. More than 130 community members participated in this unforgettable experience between the rehearsal and event night.


"I am me. I am heart" 

Co-directed by Ayelen Liberona and Isorine Marc.

Featuring: Aela Kuria, Asmita Pal, Ben Marshal, Callum Barringer, Charlotte Hervy, Clarke Graham, Delano Brown, Evan Wargon, Gemma Files, Georgia Reynolds, Kai Muyoboke, Karen Lam, Kerryn Graham, Mila Camí, Nadia Ibrahim, Nadifa Dau Mohamed, Noshin Hussain, Odunayo Mary, Paulina Speltz, Scarlett Graham, Sharon McMillan, and William McMillan.

Stage Management and Community Outreach: Raecheal Goddard and Zarita Adhiambo

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