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A book, a mural, a dance performance & a visual exhibition

The BOOK "Forty-One Neighbours"

From our immediate neighbors to people living in neighboring countries, there are unique, moving and beautiful stories to be discovered, to be shared, and to be enlivened. Each story is a component of an ensemble.


Written by 53 students from The Esplanade, FORTY-ONE Neighbours is a portrait book of 41 people, each one currently living in one of the countries participating in the 2015 Toronto Pan Am/Parapan Am Games and having a personal link to The Esplanade neighbourhood. 

39 photographers from the Americas participated in the project. 600 copies were printed and distributed locally and internationally.

After its launch on April 14th, 2015, FORTY-ONE Neighbours became a source of inspiration for a visual arts installation, a dance performance and a mural project – all unveiled in our park on July 4th 2015.  


Book creative team:

Curator: Isorine Marc 

Project Coordinator: Zoie Browne

Editorial Coordinator: Rosemary Doyle

Graphic Designer: Joseph Harbans

Cover illustration: Yasmin Harris

International Outreach Coordinator: Kerryn Graham

Translator: Alvaro Blanch

Co-produced by Jamii & CORPUS;

In partnership with St Lawrence Market BIA, St Lawrence Neighbourhood Association, St Lawrence Recreation Centre, Toronto Public Library -St Lawrence Branch, Young People’s Theatre, St Michael’s Catholic School, Market Lane Public School, Canada Running Series, Prologue to the Performing Arts, Berkeley Castle;

With the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario Ignite, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council.

Partnering schools:

St Michael’s Catholic School

Market Lane Public School

FORTY-ONE embarked Esplanadians on a one-of-a-kind journey that contributes to defining our common identity and embracing our differences.


The MURAL"Forty-One"

To all the constellations that shine above us, wherever we may be.

This mural embraces our neighbours from all point of the compass. In spite of the physical distance, we all remain connected. 

Inspired by the book “FORTY-ONE Neighbours”, a mural was created during an 8-week process under artistic leadership of Nick Sweetman.

Seven Esplanadian painters designed and painted the mural at the “Circle/Stonehenge” (The Esplanade & Frederick St). It represents all landmasses in a mixed arrangement, with 41 dots spread throughout and all connected to each other by a ribbon. The artists involved in this project celebrated our connections in spite of physical distance.

Artistic Team:

Lead artist: Nick Sweetman

Esplanadians: Suzanne Barnes, Kerryn Graham, Marina Hanacek, Andrew Patterson,

Julian Periquet, Dan Philips, Ivan Blagojevic, Diana Portokalidis

Curator: Isorine Marc 

Project Coordinator: Zoie Browne

Produced by Jamii



The DANCE"Forty-One"

Based on the concept of ÉCOUTE POUR VOIR, each dance solo was inspired by a portrait from the book “FORTY-ONE Neighbours”. This dance performance was presented on July 4th on The Esplanade, at the opening of the St Lawrence Market on July 11th, and at the Ontario Celebration Zone at the Harbourfront Centre on both July 11th and 13th.

Artistic and Community team:

Original concept: Emmanuel Jouthe/Danse Carpe Diem 

Lead artists: Michael Caldwell, Laurence Fournier Campeau, Emmanuel

Jouthe, Indrit Kasapi, Jolyane Langlois, Alix Sideris

Esplanadians: Mumina Aden Hussien, Karam Aly, Christine Andrews, Athan

Belasco, Farid Dastmalchi, Iraj Dastmalchi, Amber Ebert, Yossef Kurdi, Hiba

Kurdi, Nasir Robertson, Jacqueline Tarne, Pauline Williams, Kenan Yousef


The VISUAL EXHIBITION"FORTY-ONE The Esplanadian Connection"

“FORTY-ONE The Esplanadian Connection” celebrated our similarities and shared our stories with a series of 33 installations along The

Esplanade’s promenade. A mirrored reflection of each original picture from the book “FORTY-ONE Neighbours” was re-enacted by

7 local photographers and 104 Esplanadians. This photo exhibit was designed by 9 Esplanadians during a two-month creative process,

under the artistic leadership of Jacques Fortier. The exhibit was on display from July to October 2015.

Artistic and Community team:

Lead artist: Jacques Fortier

Esplanadians: Nancy Barber, Nancy Brown, Gabrielle Franke, Raecheal Goddard,

Mia Hesse-Fernandes, Mike Hutchinson, Margot Mercier, Majeeb Zafar, Ribqah Zafar

Graphic designer: Gus Morainslie

Photographers: Grant Cockburn, André Daley-Wiltshire, Laura Dittmann, Cyesha Forde,

Charlie Lindsay, Aleshia Nigh-Neverson, Nick Spector


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