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Featuring "ApHeart"

Live at  the Kisanii Hub

In Partnership with


May 13 and May 14, 2022

David Crombie Park | The Esplanade & Berkeley St

Photo by John Lauener 

"ApHeart" is a performance by Moonhorse Dance Theatre that Jamii was delighted to present in our community on May 13th and 14th as part one of Jamii's "Live at the Kisanii Hub" series of local events.

With this event, our intent was to interweave generations.

ApHeart – a movement meditation for our times to reflect on the "self" inside the "whole". ApHeart speaks through the body to celebrate our humanity and the earth we inhabit. After a workshop series led by Moonhorse Dance Theatre, senior movers of all backgrounds performed a dancing ritual with live music to provide a sense of hope and unity in our neighbourhood.

Esplanadians joined us on May 13th and 14th in David Crombie Park for breathtaking musical performances by Red Rhythm and Blues and Robert Scott, dance performances of "ApHeart" by Moonhorse Dance Theatre and older adults of the Esplanade, captivating storytelling by Jim Adams and Sarah Abusarar, mesmerizing face painting by Linda Epp, and last but not least, high energy hosting with our MC Monica Garrido. 

Filmed and Edited by Dawar Naeem

Photos by Gillian Mapp, Isorine Marc, Iris Unlu


Organized by Jamii Team: Isorine Marc, Afnan Yakot, Iris Unlu, Maysam Ghani, Yusra Yacout

Stage Manager: Julia Beaulieu

Workshop Leads & Performers: Claudia Moore, Carol Anderson, Patrick Parson, Julia Aplin (Moonhorse Dance Theatre)

Workshop Musician: Waleed Abdulhamid, Cory Sitek

Esplanadian Participants of ApHeart Dance Performances: Cecilia, Dan, Gergore, Merce, Ardelle, Victoria, Ilse, Suzanne, Verna, Susan, Erin, Wendy, Debora, Claude, Laura

Live Performer: Aqua, Valentina, Alyssa (Red Rhythm and Blues)

Live Performer: Robert Scott

Live Performer: Jim Adams

Live Performer: Sarah Abusarar

Face Painter: Linda Epp

Host: Monica Garrido

Event Photographer: Gillian Mapp

Event Videographer: Dawar Naim

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Julia Aplin (MoonHorse Dance Theatre).jpg

Julia Aplin

Julia Aplin, dance artist, educator and nature worshipper, has been studying and practicing movement for over 40 years. Julia danced full time for 15 seasons with Dancemakers, under the Artistic Direction of Serge Bennathan. She is an award-winning choreographer and has created dances for theatres, rivers, boxing rings, wading pools, cyberspace and neuroscience labs. Julia has taught movement through university courses, professional academies, private studios and public schools. She works with a wide range of people from elite performers to beginners, using The Principles of the Mitzvah Technique, Classical Pilates and other techniques from her wide range of movement experience. She has an intense curiosity about the human body in motion and draws on a variety of tools and techniques in her current practice. In 2011, Julia founded her own private practice, Upward Spiral, to gather and share her teachings through hands-on body work, movement lessons, forest retreats and workshops.

Patrick Parson (MoonHorse Dance Theatre).jpg

Patrick Parson

Patrick Parson, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, has been a dancer and musician from the age of 10. He continues to draw much of his artistic inspiration from the vibrant multicultural community that makes up the Caribbean. Patrick’s founding of Ballet Creole in 1990 brought Black Dance to mainstream Canadian stages, establishing the Company as the forerunner of Black Dance in Canada. Patrick is the recipient of the Entrepreneurial Award of Merit from the African Caribbean Chamber of Commerce, and the New Pioneers Award from Skills for Change, for his pioneering work in the world of dance in Canada. Patrick holds a master’s degree in Dance Ethnology from York University where he has been a course director in the Faculties of Fine Arts and Kinesiology. He regularly conducts workshops and lecture demonstrations for universities and schools in Ontario. Through extensive studies at the Katherine Dunham Institute for Humanities, Patrick has been awarded certification as a teacher of the Dunham Technique, which he teaches in Canada where it is little known and practiced.


Robert Scott

Robert G. Scott is an award-winning Juno-nominated pianist, composer, songwriter and lyricist. His music has been featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, and others. Robert has written original music for CTV, CBC, Comedy Network, the Toronto International Film Festival, as well as N.A.S.A. As a pianist he has performed and recorded with such artists as Michael Bublé, Jane Birkin, Jeff Healey, Colin James, Bob Rock, and many more. Robert wrote Michael Bublé’s 2010 hit single, "Hollywood". The song reached #1 in Canada and the U.K. The song and accompanying music video received massive airplay worldwide. In addition to his B. Mus degree from Berklee, Robert holds a B. Ed from the University of Toronto.


Seeing Evegreen - Unveiling - by Delphy Photography Photoz-8.jpg

Linda Epp

Linda is a face painter for approximately 10 years. Her story with face painting began with her two children went out for Halloween one year when they were quite young. She went and bought some terrible (non FDA approved) paint at the dollar store and thought she could magically transform them. She later figured out that it didn’t quite work out that way, but she fell in love with the art of face painting. She has since honed her skills with workshops and many hours of practice. Linda has worked with many organizations such as the St. Lawrence BIA, Jamii, long term care facilities, local festivals and private birthday parties. She states that she loves what she does and there is nothing better than putting a huge smile on a child’s face!

Carol Anderson (MoonHorse Dance Theatre).jpg

Carol Anderson

Carol Anderson has enjoyed a diverse career as a dancer, choreographer, director, teacher and writer. She started her performing career with Canadian pioneer Judy Jarvis’ first company. A founding member of Dancemakers in 1974, she danced, choreographed for, and was active in the direction of the Toronto company until 1989. Mining her parallel interests in dancing and writing, Anderson is the author of a growing body of writing on Canadian dance and other cultural matters. An Associate Professor of Dance at York University until July 2016, she taught both studio and studies courses. A lifelong investigator and educator of forms and styles of movement, Anderson is also a devotee of writing as a mode of exploring personal creativity and expression. Carol is a co-founder of the FLIGHT Festival, a new summer dance festival presented by the Festival Players in Prince Edward County.

Waleed Abdulhamid.jpg

Waleed Abdulhamid

Waleed Abdulhamid is a Canadian Multi-instrumentalist; Composer; Vocalist; Music and Film Producer, known for his striking vocals, innovative bass technique, and his speed and precision on percussion. He has been an active member of the Toronto music scene since his arrival, in 1991 from Sudan, where he began to perform as early as six years old. He is the recipient of the Canadian New Pioneer Award; African Tama Award; Reel World Film Festival Award and Canadian Film Board of Excellence Award. In addition, he has not only received other international awards, but was also twice honoured with a DORA Award.

Seeing Evegreen - Unveiling - by Delphy Photography-5.jpg

Jim Adams

Jim Adams is a multidisciplinary artist and educator who combines his indigenous ways of being with contemporary art and scientific principles. He has worked as an indigenous educator in schools and institutions for the past ten years under his company Red Bear. Jim’s mother was a first generation Canadian, her parents having been born in Wales and Kent. He carries the DNA of the Swampy Cree and Innu from his paternal grandmother and the Mohawk from his paternal grandfather. This mix of nationalities gives Jim a great array of cultural connections to draw from. Both of his grandfathers were hunters and gatherers and knew their own respective cultural connections to the land and its inhabitants. This gentle yet profound understanding of the natural world has influenced much of his life and drawn him to seek the teachings of the plant and animal world.

Seeing Evegreen - Unveiling - by Delphy Photography Photoz-7.jpg

Monica Garrido

Monica Garrido (she/her) is a Mexican born Toronto based Queer Artist. Her short films have premiered at the Inside Out LGBT Film Festival. Her first solo show “The Cunning Linguist” won the 2016 Queer Acts Audience Award and was recently adapted as an Audio Show for Aluna Theatre’s Studio Series. She’s part of the ensemble of the Canadian Comedy Award winning show Sketch Comedy Extravaganza Eleganza. Winner of the 2018 Queer Emerging Artist Award at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. She is one of the writers of a new sketch show for OMNI TV "Abroad". She is one third of a Latinx Drag King “Boyband the Boyband", currently she Co-hosts/Co- Produces Aluna Theatre’s “Radio Aluna Theatre”. She is also a Taurus and wishes you the best.


Caludia Moore (MoonHorse Dance Theatre).jpg

Claudia Moore

Claudia Moore, performer and Artistic Director of MOonhORsE Dance Theatre (MDT) / Older & Reckless (O&R) has been a force on the Canadian dance scene since the late 70’s. She performed for two seasons with the National Ballet of Canada, before moving into contemporary dance as a featured performer with the Toronto Dance Theatre and the Desrosiers Dance Theatre. Moore founded MOonhORsE Dance Theatre in 1996 as a home for her dance projects, connecting legendary senior dance artists to the public in performances through the internationally acclaimed Older & Reckless (O&R) dance series and through workshops, community projects and discussions. MDT’s Engaging Seniors in Dance program has proven essential during the pandemic, providing the benefits of dance through physical health, personal expression and social connection to hundreds of senior movers. Claudia has received the Jacqueline Lemieux award for excellence in dance and was a finalist for the 2017 Premier's Award for Excellence in the Arts.


Red Rhythm and Blues

Creator of Red Rhythm & Blues, Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone embodies a beautiful mixture of Anishnaabe, Irish, and French heritage. They thoughtfully craft each song from their life experience as an IndigiQueer person of mixed ancestry, accompanied by their gifted queer guitarist, Valentina Morelli and award-winning Métis violinist Alyssa Delbaere-Sawchuck. Together they craft soothing medicine music to heal the soul and free the spirit. Rooted in Indigenous storytelling, expressed through the ‘time old’ overcoming of the blues. Enjoy the universal language of love with this trio of magic.


Sarah Abusarar.jpeg

Sarah Abusarar

Sarah comes from a long line of storytellers on her paternal side. She tells stories to both adults and children. Sarah has told stories both nationally and internationally at festivals in Canada, United Arab Emirates, Bosnia and Croatia. Because, Sarah, grew up in several countries she tells stories from all over the world with the focus on Palestinian and Croatian stories where her roots lie. Her favorite stories are ones that promote social change. She teaches a course through the Storytelling School of Toronto called "Storytelling as a Tool for Social Transformation using Kalila wa Dimna fables". Sarah has also used stories in a therapeutic way with children in refugee camps and refugee children in Toronto, as part of their therapy. She works at the Parent Child Mother Goose Program using traditional storytelling to encourage parent child bonding. Sarah, tells stories so that she may go deep inside of the tales and find herself in far away magical places, that she remembers, from long, long ago.


Bickford- CJ & all - by John Lauener (Bickford Park - Aug 2020).jpg

MOonhORsE Dance Theatre (MDT)

MOonhORsE Dance Theatre (MDT) shares the gifts of Canada's senior dance luminaries and promotes health and creativity in the aging population. MDT's acclaimed annual program, Older & Reckless, connects senior dance artists to the public - sharing the knowledge they have gathered over decades - through live performances, workshops, discussions and community projects. MDT's work is essential to the wider dance community and to the public’s perception of aging - celebrating the need for physical expression at all ages and the unfettered joy of creative activity.

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