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I am me. I am mighty.


In partnership with Ontario Culture Days and Toronto Public LIbrarry (St Lawrence Branch)

Jamii and the Toronto Public Library St Lawrence Branch partnered to present "I am me. I am mighty.", a celebration of culture as a thread that weaves our community together. The event was a buzz of activities from gifted artists;

Crafting led by May Massijeh whose love for stories started as a child with her grandmother on a kitchen counter in Damascus. She continued to share that passion, by making art with young people in Syria and Canada and advocating for art and environmental education in conflict times. In her artistic and academic work, May focused on learning about children's collective perspectives on integration and homemaking through theatre, animation and storytelling. Every now and then, she likes crafting with maps and leaves, and coming up with ideas for children books.

Live music by Aline Morales and Arlene Paculan who is an award-winning Filipino-Canadian from Mississauga. Since 2010, she has toured across Canada, UK, Europe and the US. Throughout her career, she has consistently campaigned the idea of a positive self image using the titles of her original songs, "I’m Worth It" and "Shine So Bright". Her story of transforming from an introverted, shy individual to hosting her own TV show supports her belief that we all have a voice that can be expressed through art. She currently hosts Striving Artist, a TV Show on Filipino TV.

Drawing workshop with ​Connie Wang,an inspirational speaker, self expression coach and actress. Connie's life purpose to live an authentic and fully self-expressed life. She is committed to transforming the world to be a place that includes all humans just as they are. Currently, she is redefining what it means to be a warrior woman.

Live portraits were taken by Alison Garwood and story times led by Sharon McMilland, St Lawrence Library and Parent Resources EarlyON CFC

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