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Hoop Dancing Workshops

A series of hoop dancing workshops, facilitated by Nimkii Owasamick.
2021 - March

2021 - MARCH

Supported by Canadian Heritage.

On March 27th 2021, 20 Esplanadians of all ages participated in a series of hoop dancing workshops, facilitated by Nimkii Owasamick (one household at the time). Workshop participants learnt more about this traditional and physical art form taught by Nimkii Osawamick. 
Nimkii Osawamick is Odawa/Potawatami from Wiikwemkoong Unceded First Nation, representing the Wolf Clan. Nimkii is a world renown dance artist specializing in the Hoop dance, and is the founder and CEO of

From a workshop participant:
"Yesterday, my mom and I were fortunate to hear the Indigenous teachings and learn the basics of hoop dancing from Nimkii Osawamick. The way he shared the story of the Four Nations and the encouragement he demonstrated as we learned how to do hoop dancing truly tapped into my ongoing appreciation and gratitude of the arts and Indigenous Education with my community! Chi-Miigwetch to Nimkii for the workshop and Jamii Esplanade for hosting another educational and practical opportunity for me to learn and do!"

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