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Meeting with Fedari Oyagi & Marshall Timm Macharia

On November 16, the Jamii team spent time connecting with local artists in Nairobi. In each conversation, we learned one another’s stories and found such a universal connection between us artists!

We started the day grabbing coffee and hot chocolate with Fedari Oyagi (Former Director of The Kenyan International Theatre Festival and extremely talented creative) and Marshall Timm Macharia (videographer and a visionary artist who is community-centered and keen on reducing barriers for artists to grow). The conversation was simply inspiring and promising.

We then visited GoDown Arts Centre. Meeting with Lima and Katherine, they expressed how community is key and described the mission at GoDown Arts as a community space centered on creation of art and collaboration with artists. At GoDown, they are very much about facilitating the ability for an artist to be a business person in art. We hope to partner with them in the future!

We ended our day with Edwin Maina - yet another amazing creative photographer whose artistic concepts and portfolios are uniquely curated from a personal initiative and a desire to capture surrounding culture. Edwin showcased his amazing photographic work at the “Baraza”, a spontaneous collaborative performance at The Lava Latte on Sunday, November 19 but more about this collaboration is in the next posts!

Photos by Yasmine Omar


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