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Meeting with Dr. Zippy Okoth & Visiting Nairobi National Park

On November 18, we had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Zippy Okoth, whose warm welcome and vibrant smile embraced us in her home in Ngong right outside of Nairobi. Over a delightful meal, and tea we exchanged stories and discovered more about each other. Dr. Zippy Okoth is a remarkable individual, thriving as a filmmaker, performing artist, changemaker, and lecturer. Her accolades include being an award-winning filmmaker, and she’s the visionary behind the Lake International PanAfrican Film Festival (LIPFF). Driven by passion and extraordinary talent, she stands out as an inspiring artist.

Also November 18 was an exhilarating adventure as our team embarked on a journey to Nairobi National Park. The excitement was real as we explored the park and got up close with zebras, giraffes, and even a lion!

Nairobi National Park offered not just a home for amazing wildlife but also a retreat for our team to chill, connect, and enjoy the simple joy of being in nature together. Grateful for the shared adventure, today will be a lasting memory for our team.

Photos by Yasmine Omar


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