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Meeting with Douglas Smoki Kihiko & Adrian Jankowiak

On November 22, our journey led us to the vibrant world of Kenyan art, starting with a tour guided by the talented muralist, Douglas Smoki Kihiko . His city-wide masterpieces captivated us, each telling a unique story. What struck us even more was his initiative, Graffiti Girls Kenya, empowering Kenyan women to advocate through the impactful medium of graffiti art.

Later, we connected with Adrian Jankowiak, a dedicated designer and the visionary behind Nairobi Design Week. He shared his passion at the Opportunity Factory, a hub for craft, creativity, and culture located in Mbagathi Ridge, Nairobi.

A project supported by Canada Council for the Arts

Produced with our local partner Sekoya East Africa

Photos by Yasmine Omar


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