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Jamii's Baraza Night: An Impromptu Performance

On November 19, our team joined forces with the creative talents of Kenyan artists to craft a collaborative showcase of music, dance and photography at The Lava Latte. Together, we’re bridging continents, blending the essence of two cultures into a harmonious display of creativity!

Kicking off the day, Takako Segawa immersed everyone in the art of origami, turning a simple sheet of paper into tiny works of art. Beyond the folds, she delved into the rich history of origami, connecting others to the ancient roots of this captivating craft.

In just a few days of meeting, Maulid Owino, Liboi, Aline Morales and Takako Segawa pulled off a rehearsed impromptu performance. It highlights the power of shared creativity and the ability of diverse talents to harmonize swiftly, and fostering a sense of unity.

The fusion of diverse talents promises to create a sensory journey, celebrating the intersection of cultures through the universal languages of sound, movement and imagery.

In a unique cross-continental collaboration, Yasmine Omar, a Toronto based photographer and Edwin Maina, a Kenyan photographer joined forces to create a photography showcase. Together, they captured the essence of their respective worlds through the lens. Adding another layer of artistry, Vinnie the Artist Gallery, a skilled frame artist, brought their photographic visions to life by crafting intricate frameworks.

Photos by Yasmine Omar


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