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Live Event - Opera, Classical Music, and Discussion
Challenging the themes of “Art & Ownership”

April 3, 2023

The Jamii Hub


On April 3rd, a beautiful crowd joined us at The Jamii Hub for an evening of engaging music featuring Jonelle Sills, Dior Quartet and in-depth conversation on theme of Stolen led by community member Sarah Ahmad. This will be an opportunity to explore and challenge the idea of Art and what is deemed worthy of being Stolen.

Through the generous support of the Metcalf Foundation's Performing Arts Internship Program Jonelle has been working with Jamii as a Connector since September. Her goal through this internship has been to grow as an administrator and producer and as a classically trained soprano she wishes to explore how opera experiences could become part of the social fabric of communities and a tool for engagement and community building.

Jonelle is a Canadian Soprano and currently a part of Jamii team as a Connector. Jonelle was named one of York University’s top 30 alumni under 30 for 2022 and in 2020 was one of CBC Music’s classical “30 under 30” performers and is a 2019 Dora award winner for “Outstanding performance of an Ensemble” in Vivier’s Kopernikus with Against the Grain Theatre. Jonelle holds an Artist Diploma from the Glenn Gould School at The Royal Conservatory of Music and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University. Jonelle was recently a member of the Yulanda M. Faris Young Artist Program at Vancouver Opera for their 2021 and 2022 season.

Joined together from Israel, Korea-Canada, Saint Lucia, and the USA, the Dior String Quartet was the 2023 Quartet-in-Residence at the Glenn Gould School, Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.

The conversation was moderated by Sarah N Ahmad. Sarah is a multidisciplinary urbanist currently based in Toronto. As a fierce advocate for inclusive, sustainable and equitable cities and public spaces, Sarah has worked in the government, private and non profit sector on diverse projects aims at improving city life. At heart, Sarah believes in the power of community programming, public art and public space in bridging gaps and fostering meaningful, tolerant and inclusive associations with place. Sarah holds an Msc in Building and Urban Design for Development from the University College of London, U.K. and a Bachelor of Arts in Growth and Structure of Cities from Bryn Mawr College, U.S.A.


Host: Jonelle Sills
Live Performance: Dior Quartet
(Noa Sarid, Tobias Elser, Caleb Georges, Joanne Yesol Choi)
Soprano Singer: Jonelle Sills
Moderator: Sarah N. Ahmad
Photos: Isorine Marc


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