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7 pm
Painting Nights

Acrylic Pouring

May 2024

May 9, 2024

Workshop Lead: Andrew Patterson

What happens when different colours come together? They can create beautiful, unexpected new visions! Using a variety of colours of their choosing, during this workshop, you will create brilliant abstract acrylic pour artwork on canvas boards. Artist Andrew Patterson will suggest colours that work well together, and demonstrate some basic pouring techniques for people to experiment with. These works will stand on their own as vibrant abstracts, or can even be used as the background for further experimentation! Register now to enjoy pouring acrylic!

Photos by Isorine Marc

Andrew Patterson

Andrew Patterson is a Toronto-based artist and designer working to challenge myths and ideas regarding identity. In particular, his work focuses on the subject of mixed-race identity and the spaces where it overlaps; culturally, ethnically, and socially. What similarities and differences do we emphasize, and why? And what bridges might be discovered and formed by those who occupy those spaces in between? These are the questions he hopes to explore and answer, often through portraiture, abstraction, and decorative/geometric symbolism. We need new fiction.

Photo Credit: Unknown

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