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7 pm
Niche Artistic Practices

Waist Beads

April 2024

April 9, 2024

Workshop Lead: Eleshia Thomas

Come to The Jamii Hub to create your waist beads! At this workshop led by jewelry crafter Eleshia Thomas, we will be diving into the culture of waist beads, where it started to present day. As a participant, you will learn to use the bead-making tools while tuning into your spiritual intent during the creative process. At the end of the workshop, you will leave with a beautiful piece of adornment to wear and display and to stay in tune with the intention of your creation.

Photos by Isorine Marc

Eleshia Thomas has been handcrafting jewelry in the community for 4 years and is the owner of La Mermaid Noir Urban handcrafted jewelry. Her goal is to empower the collective to be their own creatives and to explore the realm of their inner creativity through the use of multi mediums. Her passion and creativity is inspired by the patterns and feelings that color the world and through her internal realm of creativity.

Photo Credit: Unknown

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