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7 pm
Niche Artistic Practices


May 2024

May 7, 2024

Workshop Lead: Steve Cornelson

Step into the world of blacksmithing with our workshop led by craftsman Steve Cornelson. You will discover the artistry of crafting custom cutlery in this hands-on experience.

Throughout the workshop, you will immerse yourself in the ancient craft of forging, guided by Steve's expertise. Using a makeshift anvil and innovative techniques with frozen clay, you will learn the essential skills needed to shape metal into beautiful and functional pieces. You will gain valuable insights into the fundamentals of metallurgy, understanding the science behind the transformation of steel during the hardening process.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to expand your skills and knowledge under the guidance of a true artisan!

Photos by Isorine Marc

Steve Cornelson

Steve is a teacher turned blacksmith. After a decade teaching abroad, Steve returned home and decided to divert his focous to his passion of blacksmithing. He now spends most of his time crafting custom cutlery heavily inspired by Japanese cutlery.

Photo by Shogo

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