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A new dance form each month!

May 2024

Yosakoi from Japan

May 6, 13, 20, 2024

Workshop Lead: Takako Segawa

In May, join us and discover "Yosakoi," a timeless Japanese dance form, with rich history and vibrant energy. Derived from the ancient Japanese phrase meaning "come and visit at night," Yosakoi has transcended generations, evolving into a dynamic expression of movement cherished by people of all ages. Whether you're a novice or seasoned dancer, come to learn the basic steps of Yosakoi with dancer, choreographer, and instructor, Takako Segawa, as your guide. Takako's own cultural heritage is intimately intertwined with the origins of this dance form and she will bring Naruko for you to try – it is instruments that used to scare away birds in rice fields in Kochi, Japan, and will be our dance instruments!

Photos by Isorine Marc, Iris Unlu

Takako Segawa

Takako Segawa is a contemporary dancer, choreographer, theatre performer, and director of Japanese dance arts. Born in Japan, Takako trained in traditional arts and contemporary Japanese movement styles, before graduating from the London Contemporary Dance School.

Takako’s 25-year career includes performances throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. She was nominated outstanding female for the Dora Award in 2015, and has been honoured by two All Japan Kobe Dance Festival awards, and by the Stuttgart SoloTanz festival.

Recently she performed in "Universal Child Care" at the Canadian Stage in Toronto. Takako also performs worldwide with the Corpus theatre group and is currently directing the multimedia piece “Echoes: Vibrations from Japan to Canada,” premiering in Ottawa in November 2024.

Photo by Laura Dittman

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