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A new dance form each month!

February 2024

Forró from Northern Brazil

February 5, 12, 19, 2024

Workshop Lead: Vinicius and Joseane

In February 2024, Vini Dantas de Limo Melo and Joseane Maria Da Silva will lead an introduction to Forró, a dynamic Brazilian partner dance known for its energetic footwork and lively music.  No need to bring a partner. Participants will be encouraged to switch partners during the class and dance with others in the workshop. 

Photos by Mariana Hernandez

Vini Dantas de Limo Melo

Vinicius started dancing forró in 2014 as part of the Forró in Toronto group. He returned to Brazil in 2015, where he started a group called Forró na UFRN, which, to this day, has taught more than 1000 people. Later Vinicius returned to Toronto and re-joined the Forró For All crew in 2022. He is extremely passionate about forró as dance but also as a cultural manifestation, studying its history, artists, and contemporaneity.

Joseane Maria Da Silva

Joseane is a forró instructor and holds a master’s degree in scenics arts. She is keenly passionate about the popular culture from the Northeastern or Brazil. Since her childhood, she has have forró as a part of her life, participating in quadrilha festivities, Brazilian’s manifestation of square dance, for more than 3 years. She joined Forró na UFRN in 2016 as a student, and became a forró instructor starting in 2017, with a focus in the development of body awareness. In 2022 she joined Forró For All as an instructor, and started teaching private lessons in 2023, intertwining dance knowledge with music and body for a conscious dance. She constantly seeks to rediscover and research forró as a dance, as a cultural manifestation and a rediscover of one’s self.

Photo by ForroForAll

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