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Toronto Waterfront Marathon Cheering Site


October 16


Toronto Waterfront Marathon was back in person in 2022 and Jamii brought back St Lawrence Cheering Site and Family Fun Run to the neighbourhood!
Families of The Esplanade joined the run with their toddlers, strollers, and even pets! We gave prizes to winners of different categories such as "The Best Outfit of the Run", "The Youngest Runner of the Run", "The Fastest Stroll of the Run", and more!

We had face painting by Linda Epp, Brazilian drumming by Aline Morales and Ana Higuera, crafts for kids and our community's percussion participants from Jamii's October 2022 Outdoor Event to cheer for the marathon runners at the cheering site. As a result, Jamii once again won one of the best cheering section prizes of the year!

Live Music: Aline Morales and friends
Face Painting: Linda Epp
and Jamii's percussion workshop participants to perform along with Aline!
Organized by Jamii Team: Afnan Yakot, Iris Unlu, Isorine Marc,
Jonelle Sills, Nadifa Daud Mohamed, Yusra Yacout
Event Videographer: Eray Guler
Event Photographer: Jae Yang

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