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Wednesday & Thursday
After School
A Jamii initiative to encourage girls and young women to explore art and leadership!

August 2023 - Ages 7 - 15

Led by Ayelen Liberona, Zaynab Wilson, Isorine Marc, Afnan Yakot

Jamii offered girls and young women - who are local to The Esplanade - a wonderful 5 days camping on the land!

In partnership with Becoming Praxis, 15 girls made lifelong memories through artistic experiences in the outdoors. For some it was the first time leaving the city, going camping, swimming in a river or being close up to cows.

They made arts, spent time outdoors, played, shared, recharged, and (re)connected with nature. At Jamii, we are so proud to see such a project, Laini Land, coming to life for a second year in a row and watching first hand the impact it has on the girls.

Participants who enjoyed Laini Land have been involved with Jamii through the year doing various programming and this is part of our intent to nurture long-term relations with these youths.


Photo Credit: Unknown

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