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Friday Singing - photo by Mariana Hernandez1.jpg
7 pm
Explore singing in a community sing-along!

Exploring Your Authentic Voice

May 2024

May 10, 17, 24, 2024

Workshop Lead: Germaine Konji

Three singing workshops led by Germain Konji during which you will be using your spoken voices as a gateway to a fresh perspective on singing. Through engaging group vocal warm-ups and exercises, uncover the full potential of your singing voice.

In this workshop, Germaine will integrate elements of voice and text training within a group setting to explore the art of singing. Together, we'll dive into core principles of vocal technique, enhancing our sound and expanding our vocal abilities. With these three workshops, we will have one musical creation to share, for those willing, on May 25th, for our Saturday Mingling!

There will be some movement activities which would be ideal with yoga mat. If you have a yoga mat, please bring one. Otherwise Jamii will provide them.

Photos by Mariana Hernandez

Germaine Konji

Germaine Konji (they/them) is a Kenyan-Canadian actor, singer, and writer. A two time Dora nominee, their artistry often lives where the theatrical, cultural, and political intersect. Select credits: Universal Child Care (Canadian Stage), Grand Magic, A Wrinkle in Time, Finally There’s Sun (Stratford Festival), Serving Elizabeth (Theatre Aquarius), Dixon Road (Obsidian/ Musical Stage Co), UnCovered, the Music of ABBA, UnCovered, the Music of Carole King (Musical Stage Co.), Into the Woods (Talk is Free Theatre)

Photo by Bradlee Dela Cruz

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