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Morningstar Quill


Morningstar Quill


Booshoo, my name is Morningstar Quill. This summer, Jamii displayed my photos in Toronto, as part of the Mashkiki exhibition in partnership with Contact, Photography Festival. I had the honour of working with and getting to know photographer Sabrine S. Hakam during my week-long stay in The Esplanade neighbourhood. Between visits of artistic institutions, Sabrine and I had the opportunity to work together to produce an image of two women of various ethnic backgrounds coming together and are able to become friends - a self-portrait. I've gained a great deal of knowledge from Sabrine and her photographic work, and I believe she has gained the same. For me, Jamii adds to my experiences and helps me make a name for myself and my art so that maybe someday I'll be able to walk through doors.




Morningstar Quill is a self-taught photographer who has developed a unique style and approach to photography through years of experimentation and exploration. Born and raised in Pikangikum, she discovered her passion for photography at a young age and has been refining her skills ever since.

Without formal training in photography, Morningstar turned to books, online tutorials, and experimentation to hone her craft. She spent countless hours studying the work of other photographers, analyzing their techniques and styles, and incorporating what she learned into her own work.

Morningstar's work is characterized by capturing just anything nature and wildlife. She has a keen eye for capturing the essence of detail, whether it be landscapes, portraits, or street photography.

Morningstar Quill continues to push the boundaries of her craft, always experimenting with new techniques and approaches to capture the world around her. She remains committed to her passion for photography and looks forward to sharing her unique perspective with the world for years to come.

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