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Queens of The Esplanade


Queens of The Esplanade

This project first and foremost celebrates individuality and the power of imagination. Through dance, object theatre and storytelling our 18 Queens and Princesses along with 12 Maestros transformed a simple premise into a magical and whimsical theatrical venue.



Co-produced with CORPUSPresented at Culture Days and Toronto Nuit Blanche

Inspired by CORPUS’ Camping RoyaleLead artist: Carolin LindnerChoreographer: Kaitlin TorranceCostume designer: Margot Mercier 

Esplanadian Princesses and Queens: Amanda Maragos, Aleina Maragos, Betsy Finnie, Cyesha Forde, Dulce Gomes, HibaKurdi, Helena Maragos, Hodan Ibrahim, Hodan MohammedAbdi, Georgia Reynolds, Genevive Marshall, Keisha Anthony, Linda Leistner, Lula Bunye, Marah Alassar, Melody Arnold, Ribqah Zafar, Yasmin Abouali and professional artists Ashima Suri, Ryan G Hinds, Takako Segawa


Esplanadian Maestros: Clarke Graham, Dan O’Leary, Danielle Laurent-Chazel, Darren Marshall, Kai Muyoboke, Marcos Vilela, Markus Hunter-Vrooman, Maysam Ghani, Pauline Williams, Raecheal Goddard, Robert Graham, Scarlett Graham and professional artists David Danzon, Indrit Kasapi

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