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Live Event - Dance

May 26. 27 , 28. 2023

David Crombie Park


"Svāhā!", a celebration of dance as a revitalizing ritual that brings us closer together.

Created by award-winning Nova Bhattacharya , Svāhā! was an offering of movement, music, colours and sensations. It embodied the transformative power of dance, expressing the uniqueness of the individual and the value of community. Bringing together dancers from a varying dance forms and cultural backgrounds, Svāhā! asked how can we be better together?

“I am inspired by the eloquence of the human body and the intelligence of the senses. The potential for dance to stimulate people emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually drives my commitment to creating dances that exalt the human spirit and express ideas that words cannot.” ~ Nova Bhattacharya

This dance performance included a warm-up with the professional dancers, and a series of dance workshops (cypher) led by Mel Hart so that everyone could join the dance with us. As a perk, our little ones were treated to facepainting with local artist Linda Epp.

Founded by Nova Bhattacharya in 2008, dance company Nova Dance brings new ideas to dance, re-inventing the possibilities of the art. The company breaks down conventions and encourages new talent with the best and most exciting in performance the world over. Nova Dance works with artists from many art forms and a multitude of backgrounds to create a community that celebrates the life-force of dance in our lives. Nova Dance exists to bring contemporary Canadian dance towards a new future. Embracing diversity as creative inspiration for a body of work that has garnered awards, national and international recognition, and most importantly made connections with audiences and communities. Find more on their website:


Director: Nova Bhattacharya
Dancers: Mellisa Hart, Candace Kumar, Neena Jayarajan, Rajvi Dedhia, Nova Bhattacharya
Facepainting: Linda Epp
Sewing: Diséiye Thompson
Organized by the Jamii Team
Produced by Jamii


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