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7 pm
Painting Nights

Acrylic Paint and Sand

June 2024

June 6, 2024

Workshop Lead: Julian Periquet

Unleash your creative spirit at Jamii's Painting Night! Whether you're an experienced artist or a beginner, our painting nights provide a space for self-expression and connection. At this session, under the guidance of artist Julian Periquet, you will be invited to play with acrylic paint and sand, creating an artwork that explores "Connectedness through Culture".

After the session, take home your masterpiece and cherish the memories of a delightful evening at Jamii. No experience required.

Heads-up: We will be on a break in July and August. Jamii's indoor activities & workshop series will commence in September 2024.

Photos by Afnan Yakot

Julian Periquet

Marc Julian Periquet is a proud Canadian Filipino born and raised in the downtown core neighbourhood, The Esplanade. He established an addiction to the art world at an early age. More so from the encouragement and creative techniques his father Ernesto instilled in him. Many of his weapons of mass creation vary from pencils to pens, markers to charcoal, acrylics to pastels, spray cans and more. Hands on with all purpose materials, Julian doesn't shy away from making an everyday object come to life artistically. New ventures such as live painting and set building have given Julian an opportunity to work with various creatives. Working well under pressure and inviting new challenges will always be an ever growing trait on his journey.

Photo Credit: Unknown

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