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7 pm
Niche Artistic Practices

Braid Hair and Sweetgrass

June 2024

June 4, 2024

Workshop Lead: Shelly Ann Mc Leod

Here comes a unique opportunity to learn how to braid hair and sweetgrass! Join us on Tuesday, June 4th at 7pm at The Jamii Hub to learn not only how to braid hair and sweetgrass, but also the cultural significance of this practice in Trinidad and Tobago and other cultures, including Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Artist Shelly Ann Mc Leod, born in Trinidad and Tobago, grew up learning how to braid hair and sweetgrass from a young age. Now a professional dancer and teacher, Shelly Ann finds in braiding spirituality, esthetics and practicality.

Beautifully relating to this month's theme of Connectedness by our lead artist Nickeshia Garrick, this workshop guided by Shelly Ann explores the similarities between a practice from the Caribbean and Indigenous peoples here.

Heads-up: We will be on a break in July and August. Jamii's indoor activities & workshop series will commence in September 2024.

Photos by Isorine Marc

Shelly Ann Mc Leod

Born on the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Shelly Ann began formal dance training at age 11 with Les Enfants Dance Company. She has traveled the Caribbean representing Trinidad and Tobago at various dance festivals. After expansive dance training, she then took her pedagogy to Seneca College, York University Campus as Dance and Movement Professor in August 2016, and Movement Professor at Toronto Film School in January 2018. She is now the Dance and movement Educator at Emery Collegiate Institute.

Photo Credit: Unknown

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