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7 pm
Crafting Nights

Co-creating Communal Artworks

June 2024

June 13, 20, 2024

Workshop Lead: Michael Mortley

For June's Crafting Nights at Jamii, Michael Mortley leads "The Circling Back" visual art workshop. The concept of this workshop is to co-create a series of canvases that carries a contribution from each other. Through the willingness and openness to allow others to share and offer both support and guidance to our way of thinking and our art, participants take home a piece of everyone's intention with us. 


Each participant starts with their own canvas, and then rotate to add to other participants' canvasses. At the end of the workshop, we come back to our own canvas to put the final touch. They use ribbons, paint, beads, gems and more.  


While Michael is a dancer at heart, with over 15 years of dance training and education in both dance and theatre, he is a born visual artist and skilled facilitator, promising to take you through an artistic journey. 


Join us on Thursdays June 13th or 20th, at 7pm at The Jamii Hub, and contribute to each other canvases! We'll bring home something very special!



In July and August, Jamii will NOT have our usual daily 7pm activations, which will resume in September 2024. We will focus on Belonging, LAINI, Outdoor Events and WAYO Children's Festival during Summer!

Photos by Afnan Yakot

Michael Mortley

Michael has been dancing for over 15 years with his training based in folk, contemporary and ballet. His secondary education was focused on theatre arts and dance. He has crafted his career with his certification over the past ten years with La Danse Caraibe performing and choreographing in Trinidad and Tobago. A graduate of the University of Trinidad and Tobago where he graduated with a BFA in Performing Arts with a specialization in Dance. He has continued his explorations and training at Beijing Dance Academy obtaining a certificate in Chinese Contemporary dance. Michael is also a photographer, costume designer, lighting designer and administrator at Ronald Taylor Dance.

Photo by Dahlia Katz, Toronto Star

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