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Wolfe Island

Wind Stories 2018-2020

SEPT 2020
3rd  VISIT

In the Fall of 2019, Jamii visited Wolfe Island and invited locals to create visual portraits of fellow neighbours, friends or family member.
In September 2020, Jamii came back to Wolfe Island to exhibit this collection of portraits made throughout the province. Along with this beautiful exhibit, Jamii invited local artists to bring a selection of these portraits to life through music, dance, storytelling, and drumming; A whirlwind of stories.
Artists Teilhard Frost, Jason Mercer, Robert Douglas, Terri-Lynn Brennan, Sue Croweagle, Sukruti Tirupattur, Nancy Steele, and Lucas Sherwood, host Heather Kushum Sheedy and tech Cohen Samson treated the audience to a very rich performance with dance, drumming, storytelling, music, and a mix of genres and styles together. We only had one rehearsal the day before the public performance to create this series of short pieces. Watching artists coming together, creating in the moment, exchanging ideas, trying things, developing a structure with room for improvisation and then sharing with an audience is such a beautiful process.

A beautiful spirit by the water.

A project directed by Isorine Marc

On-site coordination:  Sharon Zarita.

Thank you to photographer Susan Bowers, for capturing the performances.

Videos: Isorine Marc

Supported by Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts.

NOV 20-24 & DEC 5-8 2019

More than 55 people are participating in "Wind Stories" on Wolfe Island, and together, we are creating about 20 portraits of fellow members of the community. 

Some of the people involved in the project include (but not limited to): Barb Halladay, Chris Brown, Clara Lovalt, Don Chisholm, Eddie Calnan, Emilie Steele, Georgia Wroe, Hank, Janette Haase, Kathy Rothermel, Kerryn Graham, Kim Smith, Lily De Bruin, Linda Thomas, Liz Crothers, Lucas Sherwood, Lyda-Rose Eves, Marjorie Bousfield, Nancy Steele, Robert, Scarlett Graham, Susan Bowers, Terri-Lynn Brennan, Tom Wroe, Trudy de Ruiter, Wyatt Pyke. 

The students of Marysville Public School invited Danny Mosiers, James Kirkham, Ken White, Phoenix and Tara Broeders to have their portraits done in the school and they generously accepted. The students' artworks were very creative and we feel very proud of them. A special thank you goes to the teaching body of the school for their support through the creative process with the students. 

This project would not be possible without the support of the WIG (Wolfe Island Gallery) and Marysville Public School.